A homeowner who’s recovering from a flood or other water damage needs to have their belongings dried out as soon and as safely as possible. This is where dehumidification performed by RAW Services Inc. comes in. RAW Services is an Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification certified company and has trained technicians in psychometrics. Customers can be sure that they can remove moisture from plaster, indoor paint, drywall, cement floors and carpets, basement and insulation without further damaging them.

The technicians of RAW Services adjust both the types and locations of their dehumidifiers as the conditions change. They save the customer from having to deal with drying the elements in the home themselves, the relative humidity and the area of the damage, how much time it will take the element to dry or whether their carpets or padding can be saved.

The technicians at RAW Services have the skill sets and knowledge to restore the structures of a customer's home to the point where they would think the water damage had never happened.